A Mindset of Service with Justin Wright

My guest for this episode is Justin Wright: performance coach and athlete. Justin and I talk about his journey from dedicated high school wrestler to CrossFit Games team athlete. In addition, we talk about the dark period of Justin’s life where his athletic career took a precipitous fall do to his own mindstate and mental approach. As a result, Justin invested in his own mental game and now seeks to spread that knowledge with others on a mission of service.


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Mark Devine

Unbeatable Mind

Unbeatable Mind Academy

Leader’s Eat Last

Pumping Iron (available on Netflix)


The Game of Life with David Paredes

My guest this week is professional poker player David Paredes. David has played in multiple World Series of Poker Main Events, won the 2015 Borgata Poker Championship, and was involved in the unmasking of an online poker scandal in 2008. David also has an elite educational background, starting with his admittance to Hunter College Elementary school, Harvard for undergrad, and graduate school at NYU in Creative Writing and Law. David had many conventional doors open to him in life, but chose to play his hand in an unconventional way. Episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher, or here: http://makingkairos.libsyn.com/the-game-of-life-with-david-paredes





David’s Tournament Poker History

Winner of 2015 Borgata

Highlight From 2013 WSOP

Absolute Poker Scandal 60 Minutes 2008

Hunter College Elementary



NYU MFA and Law School’s both ranked top ten nationally (David did second year MFA while doing first year of law school)



E.L. Doctorow (professor who selected David to work with in his second year MFA)


Intermittent Reinforcement



Alpha Go




Notorious BIG “Life After Death”


Forest Gump


“The Long Walk” by Stephen King

Redemption with Mike Dunford

My guest this week is Mike Dunford. Mike was introduced to drugs and alcohol at an early age and the progression of addiction took off from there. Mike bounced from job to job and soon found himself having experiences with the wrong side of the criminal justice system. Mike eventually found sobriety, one day at a time, through the drug court system, a half-way house, the recovery community, and the chance at an honest job. Over the years, Mike worked his way up through the ranks professionally, went back to school to get his bachelor’s degree, and is now attending law school with the aim of practicing as a public defender. Mike’s life has come full circle and he is a powerful example of Redemption at any time in life. Available on iTunes, Stitcher, or listen here: http://makingkairos.libsyn.com/redemption-with-mike-dunford




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A Way of Life (AWOL) meetings defined (author’s note: this is one of many different twelve step traditions)




Michael Foucault “Discipline and Punish”

The “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous

JRR Tolkein “The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings”

Making People Around You Better with Michael Gropman

My guest this week is Michael Gropman, Deputy Superintendent of the Community Service Division of the Brookline Police Department. In addition to his over thirty years of law enforcement experience, Michael also holds his Doctorate in Education and Human Development, was part of the founding team for TEDxBeaconStreet, teaches leadership skills to police and security officers, and founded both men’s and women’s community hockey associations. He is a thoughtful, caring man who is deeply dedicated to community. Available on iTunes and Stitcher. 

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Discussed in this episode:

Juvenile Justice

The Massachusetts Arrest Screening Tool for Law Enforcement (MASTLE)


Michael’s TEDx Talk

Boston Marathon Bombing

What makes a Good Life?

Sports Psychology

Adam Naylor



Make Your Bed

Living Your Passion with Jessa Lemoine

My guest this week is Jessa Lemoine. Jessa is an athlete, coach and teacher. Each of these identities has shaped her. After growing up as a competitive gymnast, Jessa’s world was turned upside down when she was forced to abruptly stop gymnastics due to injury. Jessa went on to compete in track and field at the University of Georgia and then transitioned to life as a competitive CrossFit athlete, competing in the CrossFit Games as an individual and as a member of a team. After leaving her competitive life behind, Jessa focused on coaching and helping others to better themselves. Now, Jessa is continuing her journey as a Physical Education teacher in the Boston Public Schools system. We talk about each of these transitions and living through passion. Available on iTunes and Stitcher. More show notes available at makingkairos.com. 

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University of Georgia Track and Field


Crossfit Games

GRID League

The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo, Ph D

“Everyone Needs Camp” with Kevin Rice

And by Camp, I mean a space to love yourself and create. My guest this week is Kevin Rice. Kevin has worked The Hole in Wall Gang Camp for nearly twenty years providing “opportunities for children with serious illnesses to experience the transformational spirit and friendships that go hand-in-hand with camp.” Kevin talks about the honor, responsibility, and joy of working with children and families in health crisis. Kevin also shares his story growing from a  young gay kid in a small town in the eighties to a man with a profound sense of self love and caring for others. Kevin is a bright spot in the lives of all who know him and I’m happy to be able to share a piece of him. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or here:







The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp


Donate and Volunteer: https://www.holeinthewallgang.org/get-involved/

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus


‘19-’20 Season of Shows: https://www.bgmc.org/category/concerts-2019-20/

Donate: https://www.bgmc.org/donate/ 

Doing Time on Maple Drive


Many Lives, Many Masters; Brian L. Weiss, MD

Being Worthy with Iona Holloway

Iona Holloway started out life as a classic all-around overachiever. Despite excelling in school, art, and athletics, playing field hockey at a national level in Scotland and an All-American level at Syracuse University, she developed a crushing eating disorder. While keeping up external signs of achievement, Iona suffered in silence until she could take it no more. Today we discuss her ongoing path to recovery. If you know someone struggling, please share. Available on iTunes and Stitcher. Listen here: http://makingkairos.libsyn.com/being-worthy-with-iona-holloway






Discussed in the episode:   

Hungry for Happiness


The organization that helped Iona find recovery

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

Phillip Mckernan


The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner


Body of Work 


The movement studio Iona and her partner opened 

Scottish Junior Field Hockey


Syracuse Field Hockey


My Friend Bill

“I don’t make music, I am a musician.”

Today my guest is My Friend Bill, Bill Mather. Bill has been a professional musician for fifty years and shares his experience playing music, entering the professional world, and recovery from alcoholism. I met Bill in my first year of sobriety as someone who idolized rock musicians from the sixties and seventies for both their playing and excesses. He was a great mentor for me to meet.

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Also available on iTunes and Stitcher




If you don’t know the people Bill’s played with, they’re your favorite rock n’ roll artist’s favorite artists, legends:

Buddy Guy



“He is an exponent of Chicago blues and has influenced eminent guitarists including Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Gary Clark Jr. and John Mayer.”

James Cotton


Branford Marsalis



Big Mama Thorton


Maybe you’ve heard this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frsBq9MCNVg

Hubert Sumlin


“a Chicago blues guitarist and singer,[1] best known for his “wrenched, shattering bursts of notes, sudden cliff-hanger silences and daring rhythmic suspensions” as a member of Howlin’ Wolf‘s band.”

James Montgomery Band




Tao Te Ching


Father Thomas Keating “Centering Prayer”


The Art of Living with Tom Ward


Today’s episode is with Brookline Police Department Lieutenant, Thomas Ward. Tom not only has over thirty six years of service experience as a police officer, but is an author, poet, and artist. He is an example of a man pursuing a life well lived.




Mentioned in the show:

Brookline Police Department


RAD Program


Tom’s role in the capture of the Boston Marathon bomber.


The November Project

Stephen King “On Writing”

Ten Percent Happier


Michael Connelly

Terry Hayes “I Am Pilgrim”

George V Higgins


Dennis Lehane




CrossFit Coolidge Corner