Betting on Yourself

My guest this week is Alexis Harris, aka PFuzz. Alexis is a classically trained violinist and violin instructor with an intense passion for electronic music. She enjoys merging her background in classical music with her love for psychedelic bass music, glitch, sound design, and melodies interspersed with unexpected ear candy. We discuss her development within the realm of classical music and her journey outside of the discipline to electronic music. Moving from a sense of failure and self-doubt to personal triumph and persistence through adversity. The episode can be found on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Stitcher or wherever you get podcasts.

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From Dissent to Love

My guest this week is Mordecai Lyon, Editor in Chief of the Boycott Times. As Editor in Chief of The Boycott Times, Mordecai is committed to publishing exciting and provocative content from a wide variety of perspectives centered around justice. His work has been published by the Harvard Business School, the Boston Review, the Undefeated, and ABC News. Mordecai graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2014. Read his past interviews with Cornel West, Lorgia García Peña, and Tef Poe with Walter Johnson.

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Links to works discussed:

Flow chart guide to reading Haruki Murakami

Love the Process

My guest this week is Paul Turano. Paul is an artist, award winning filmmaker, essayist and Associate Professor of Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College. Paul is an artist who uses film and video as poetic tools for exploring the human condition, incorporating subjects as close as his back porch and as far away as the planet Mars. We talk about his development as an artist, the changing technological landscape, the current higher education environment, and his love of the creative process.

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Selected works:

A Message From The Magpie

Not Clear Cut

Wander, Wonder, Wilderness

Choosing a Different Path

My guest on the show this week is my oldest friend, Tim Protzmann. Tim has chosen a different life path. Not content to move to the closest big city, Tim went a bit further and has chosen to live the life of an international teacher. Tim has lived for extended periods in Guatemala, Peru, Kuwait and China. He gives us insight into the moments that led him to move abroad, learning languages and cultures, and raising a family in a country outside of the one you were born in. Tim also recounts the difficult process of not only leaving China during the COVID-19 pandemic, but doing so while his mother was hospitalized and later passed away. An impressive woman who ranked as a General in the New Hampshire Air National Guard, Tim’s family mourns her loss during the lockdown.

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Show notes:

Nice White Parents

Carol Protzmann Military Career

An Ongoing Conversation

In light of recent and ongoing events, I invited back previous guests Steph Hunt and Tom Ward to the show for a conversation. Steph is the director of the African American and Latino Scholars program at Brookline High School; Tom is a Deputy Superintendent with the Brookline Police. I originally had each of them on the show because they are two individuals trying to make the world a better place in their own way. That remains to be the case today. This is not a debate, but a conversation between two good people. Available on iTunes, Stitcher, and link below.

This Is Our Time

New podcast up.

This is our time. In this first solo episode of what I will try to make a weekly series during the quarantine period, I talk about the Kairos moment I had yesterday when I went from a displaced mindset of fear to one focused on intention and positivity. We cannot choose our circumstances, we can choose our response. I will be making an effort to connect more and spread positivity during this time, making this time an important reminder that we are always in control of our contribution to Life’s Work.

What’s Really Important?

My guest this week is Zack Gould. Zack is a father, husband, and entrepreneur, in that order. Zack co-founded G&N insurance ten years ago and Bobble On business consulting last year. What’s more, he lives an intentional life focused on identifying what is truly important and putting all of himself into those efforts. Through a dedication to learning and personal development, Zack has embodied the journey towards quality over quantity. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or here:

Discussed in this episode:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Go Giver by Bob Burg

Brian Koppleman “Why You Should Read Fiction”

Simon Sinek

The Infinite Game

Entre Leadership – Art Williams “Accomplishing Impossible Goals”

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Impactful Practices

In this solo episode I wanted to talk about a few practices I have adopted in the past year that have been impactful for me. None of them have been new New Years’ Resolutions or but I know at this time of year a lot of people are looking at habits, goals, and practices. This is a companion episode to my blog post “What I talk about when I talk about practice.” The three practices I discuss are 1. Refraining from phone use in the first hour of each day. 2. Learning to play guitar. 3. Writing Daily Pages. You can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or other services. You can also listen here:

A few things I mentioned in this podcast:

Three great podcasts:

Just for anyone interested, a couple youtube channels that have been helpful learning guitar:

Marty Music

Paul Davids