Mission Statement:

Making Kairos is a blog and podcast that seeks to help others find their path to a full and engaged life. Making Kairos uses storytelling as a medium for insight and connection.


Kairos is a Greek word for time. As opposed to the quantitative notion of time, Chronos, where we count the hours, days, and years, Kairos is a qualitative notion of time where we identify moments of decision making, realization, or pivotal change. Rather than asking the Chronos based, “What time is it?” A Kairos based perspective asks, “What is it time for?”

About the Author and Host:

Nathan Gagnon is a man walking a path. He has experienced a life changing awakening through long term Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Nathan was born with a Brachial Plexus Injury that resulted in Erb’s Palsy, a partial paralysis in his right arm. Additionally, he has done deep work to find his life’s passion in vocation, avocation, and expressive creation. He draws on these experiences and interactions with his fellows to write personal essays for the blog and interact with inspired guests on the podcast.